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25th January 2021 

Julie Barber, Alexander Technique in North London

Sessions are now online through zoom or skype. No hands-on work, sadly, but the important work continues - learning how to help ourselves.
Feedback has been positive.
'Thanks for a super session! It definitely helped.'
'If you miss your AT sessions with Julie Barber I can personally recommend continuing with them online.'

The Alexander Technique can help you feel a lot more comfortable with yourself. Anyone can learn it, with the help of a qualified teacher. It can ease many common muscular aches and pains, such as neck and shoulder pain, headaches, stiff joints and back ache. I've witnessed it help people deal with stress, improve their performance (at work, in sport, on stage and in music), and greatly improve their ability to relax and enjoy life. Even everyday activities - like sitting comfortably upright, or working in the garden or at the computer, or riding a bike - can become a lot easier and much more enjoyable. In these Covid times, I've found it helpful with the ongoing anxiety and uncertainty we are living through.

Over the past 8 years, I have been working more with people with hypermobility problems, including Hypermobility Syndrome. If this is of interest I suggest you look at Dr Philip Bull's very informative and easy to read article on the Alexander Technique for the HMSA Journal, Volume 3, Spring 2015. CLICK HERE for the link. I have also written and run workshops about hypermobility for AT teachers, following my article in our professional journal STATNews, January 2012 CLICK HERE for the link.

Pre-Covid, I taught one-to-one lessons in my room in Muswell Hill, N10, a 5 minute walk from Muswell Hill Broadway. Ample free parking for cars on the street. If you live in Alexandra Palace or East Finchley you're a short bus journey away from sampling what the Alexander Technique can offer you. Buses (43, 102, 134, 144, 234, 299, 603, W7 and W3) link to North London tube stations at Highgate, Bounds Green, East Finchley, Wood Green and Finsbury Park, and to overground trains at Alexandra Palace.

So if you're ready to let go of tension, stiffness and pain and open the door to sitting more comfortably and moving with much greater ease then Alexander lessons can offer you the release that you are looking for.

Alexander Technique in Muswell Hill, Highgate and East Finchley, North London